Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am able

The 2012 Michael Zimanske Memorial Golf Tournament held Monday, August 20th was another success! Again, we were graced with excellent weather and a group of people who demonstrated excellence.

Thank you to the staff at Eagle Trace Golf and Event Center in Clearwater MN. The staff was welcoming and very helpful, which made the day flow with ease.

Thank you Roll With It (RWI) for their hard work in organizing this sixth tournament. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to wheelchair and adaptive sports.

Thank you to family, friends and all who support this golf tournament! Whether you golfed, volunteered, donated or prayed for this tournament, it’s our humble privilege to receive your kindness in memory of our angel, Michael Zimanske.

I spoke some of the following words at the close of the tournament and would like to include them in this thank you blog:

As I thought about the golf tournament this year, the words, I am able kept coming to mind. Coincidentally, (probably not) I am able is what Michael taught us. Despite his changing circumstances and even when a wheelchair became his mainstay, he never backed away from things we thought he wasn’t able to do. Instead, he found another way to do them. Michael consistently saw himself able and demonstrated that to the world.

Now, pressing forward with Michael’s spirit within us, we display the words I am able by our actions. It’s what I see in all of you during the golf tournament. You are able and willing to give of yourselves for the good of others. You honor Michael’s spirit of I am able by giving to this fundraising tournament. Your efforts help others believe they are able too.

Thank you to Jan Larson, RWI Executive Director, Keith Schwichtenberg RWI President and the whole Schwichtenberg family, especially RWI Founder, Heidi Schwichtenberg for leading us and giving us opportunity to say, I am able. Their vision has planted seeds of hope and possibility for many by their response to the words I am able whispered in their souls.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to this circle of love. You organize, donate, golf, volunteer and surround us with prayer before, during and long after the golf clubs are put away. Simply put, we are grateful beyond these words. We feel your arms wrapped solid around us, in loving memory of our hero, Michael, which allows us to keep trusting I am able.

Each one of us is able despite our own personal circumstances or challenges. We are able, however big or small to do something that will make others able.

Say it loud, I am able; able to Be The Change!