Monday, July 26, 2010

What do you do?

It seems as if I have been asked the question, "What do you do?" a lot lately.

Therefore, in my blog today, I want to more clearly define what I hope to do through Be the Change. Who knows, might even be helpful for myself!

In my efforts with Be the Change, I want to identify simple yet effective ways to reshape and strengthen the relationship between patient, family and medical providers. By it, creating a more real and honest exchange of information, with the patient at the center, improving the way health care is received and delivered everyday. I believe this is possible by making patient perspective additions to education, training and day to day operations which involve all medical staff from housekeeping to CEO.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but I think it begins with our own patient and family health care experiences. These valuable, hard-earned lessons gleaned from personal interactions with health care providers, are the heart of what is considered the patient perspective and should be integrated into health care curriculum and processes. It then has the ability to affect how health care providers are currently being taught to care for patients and family’s, which in my opinion is far too clinical.

Be the Change wants to go beyond just talking about being the change. The last few months I have seen the importance of Be the Change talks and presentations and consider them to be a very valuable asset. However, I desire to make a long lasting change in the medical community regarding the way patients, family’s and providers communicate. I have come to realize that the value of the patient perspective needs to be in print in addition to a verbal presence in order to accomplish that long lasting affect.

Through Be the Change and the patient perspective, the human experience will hold equal value to the medical experience. The whole family will be cared for in the way a patient and provider communicate. Patient and provider will hold equal weight in every choice and decision that is made from small decisions such as appointment times to larger ones like surgical options. Be the Change looks forward to the day when a patient knows ALL of the choices that are available in any given situation and not just some times, but every time. ALL the variables will be laid out for an informed decision to be made with patient and provider working together as partners, each bringing their own unique experiences and wisdom into the decision. That is where the best possible outcome will be achieved.

Wow! Be the Change has lots of work to do.

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