Monday, August 2, 2010

Nineteen years later......

I keep thinking about how impossible it seems that it has been nineteen years since my son Michael was born. But when I see my nieces and nephews with babies of their own I am quickly reminded of just how fast time rushes by. We were up north this past weekend enjoying a fun time with family. Now it’s my nieces and nephews turn to talk about their birth experiences, the latest and greatest trends in baby equipment as well as show us "older mothers" what is the correct way to lay down a sleeping baby.

Suddenly, we aren't the only ones going to bed early due to complete exhaustion from running around with kids. When did my nieces and nephews inherit what I considered to be my life for so many years only to find myself the new generation of Aunties? When did the generational gap narrow and completely shift over?

So nineteen years later, I realize......
I carry a cell phone everywhere
I text every now and then LOL
I get more emails then phone calls
I get up early because I can’t sleep past 6am
I can’t drink pop past 8pm without a restless nights sleep
I'm even more thankful for my parents, sisters, brothers
and good friends
I get teary watching my nieces/nephews grow into young adults
I am profoundly grateful to be a mother
I am still in awe of my daughter Jessica
I wonder how naughty Michael would be at this age
I know that at age 19 Michael would have more than likely looked just like the handsome guy I knew back in 1979 – his Dad

Nineteen years later, I can humbly say I walk on a path of blessings. That truth confidently allows all sorts of changes to take me to where I was created to Be the Change. I pray that nineteen years from now people will say that I put it all out there, laid it all on the line, and that Be the Change is a concept no one can be without.

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