Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyone needs a good partner

My life is tremendously blessed by great partners - my husband and children, my family and friends. We all partner together in various ways to simply lighten the load. In addition to my personal life, I have been impacted by great work partners, beginning in high school with a wise woman who worked at the local hardware store. All of these partnerships make me better because we act together to create something more powerful than if we acted alone.

I read once that everyday we should do something that inches us closer to a better tomorrow. Be the Change desires to do just that, simply by being a good partner. Be the Change (BTC) works to develop a new partnership in health care by defining a future for the patient and family perspective.

With good partners, BTC will:
-Give a face and voice to the Patient Family Perspective (PFP)
-Respectfully share personal health care experiences and insights as a catalyst for real change
-Maintain a website containing patient and family stories, along with speaker information about representing PFP in your organization
-Create innovative ways to improve health care quality and patient/provider safety
-Represent PFP in chronic care situations as liaison for coordinated care between patients, families and providers
-Receive fair compensation for patients and families representing PFP by establishing value and equality through fiscal partnerships with medical providers and administration.
-Work hand and hand with the medical community advocating for PFP and humanize medicine by strengthening relationships
-Obtain a PFP position in boardroom decisions
-Educate medical students by enhancing current curriculum that more consistently lines up with PFP
-Educate current medical staff how to effectively partner with BTC
-Develop brochures, books and video for everyone to partner with BTC
-Focus on the truth, which is we all want the same thing - the best possible outcome for the patient

Everyone needs good partners, especially in Minnesota where we plan to Be the Change.

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