Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to work and school

The New Year’s Eve confetti has been swept up and the Christmas decorations are put away. For many, holiday break is over so it’s back to work and school. Getting back to the daily grind can be slow going, especially when it follows holiday buffets and late evening celebrations. Constant chatter about unemployment, educational cut backs, and the health care crisis doesn’t make it any easier to reclaim the race. Despite that, going back to work and school in a new year offers opportunity to apply a fresh focus and a renewal to healthy balance. An attempt to hold on to holiday promises of peace and joy all year.

In what is being referred to as a new economy, it’s nearly impossible to not consider what that really means in terms of true balance in our community as a whole, not to mention the world. Be the Change considers it necessary to create a better balance between patients, families and providers and increase the value, both fiscally and professionally, of those relationships. True reform in health care requires the patient and family perspective to be its partner. Future health care needs the human experience to speak into corporate choices and decisions. Honestly, just like in health care, education and employment, just to name a few are also in need of a Be the Change call to action.

Each of us stands in a position to provide balance by a type of educating not only found in a formal degree but also found in lessons learned through life experiences. Regardless of age or circumstance, there’s constant opportunity to be educated by others demonstrated choices. Every day we are called to challenge ourselves and others to be a better person, a better wife or husband, a better employee or employer in the decisions we make. It’s been said, “The only way to do better is to do better.” A short statement representing collective responsibility each of us holds.

In this first week of 2011, as you go back to work and school ask yourself how do I educate? How can I teach the world to do better? Then be that, not only in words but in action. Hopefully it won’t require any budget cuts, only an intention to Be the Change.

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