Monday, February 7, 2011

HELP Emily Koesters

One of my Schimke heroes is Emily Koesters from Nebraska, along with her parents Erin and Joe Koesters. Be The Change in MN recognizes and supports the tremendous need for research and testing of this rare disease.

Please, in honor of all the Little Giants affected by SIOD, consider their request below and help Emily Koesters.

Emily Miranda Koester’s Nebraska Little Giants Day 1st Anniversay, proclaimed by Governor Dave Heineman last year is coming up on FEBRUARY 10th!

The fight expectancy for Emily's disease (SIOD- Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia) is age 8-15! Emily is 7 and 1/2 now.

The Schimke researchers are on the brink of a drug that may help PROLONG lives of SIOD. LET EMILY LIVE TO TEST IT!

Here's how to GIVE NOW:
1. Go to and click on the far right tab: GIVE
2. Send us a check made out to Little Giants Foundation and we will send a mass mailing in. Address: Erin Koesters 15603 S. Hwy 6
Gretna NE 68028
3. SEND this site and/or FACEBOOK,
LGF site to EVERYONE YOU KNOW to contribute!

We are setting a goal and deadline, which you may exceed, of $20,000.00. Think about it: We have at least 2,000 followers at 5 or 10 dollars a piece- we can do this by FEBRUARY 14th! Not only is this a TAX write off, but 100% of the money goes straight to the researchers for the drug! 100%!

We are parents pleading on bended knee!

Don't delay; Emily's life depends on it.

Mommy Erin and Daddy Joe

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