Friday, March 25, 2011

Can I Be The Change?

Following a presentation I gave a few days ago at the University Of Minnesota, School Of Nursing, Be The Change continued in an energizing discussion with a Nurse Practitioner.Her provider plus educator perspective fueled all sorts of possibilities each of us, equipped with an individual set of medical experiences, can improve healthcare.

Is it possible for any of us to really Be The Change? The question begs to be asked by any patient, family member or provider desiring a change right now, not sometime in the near future.

Can anyone be the change at their current job and relationships in and out of the work environment? The answer is yes! It is possible. First and foremost, believe anyone can Be The Change, regardless of job title or college degree. The somewhat daunting task to change should never stop us from being the one who begins a chain reaction.

Consider these simple suggestions as a way to Be The Change, starting today!

  • Be the one who says good morning to others even if yours wasn’t
  • Be the one who gives respect to any job ranging from mail clerk to CEO
  • Be the one who won't exceed work break or lunch time allowances
  • Be the one who refuses to have a bad attitude or gossip
  • Be the one who consistently smiles and says thank you

You might be thinking, how can any one of these small changes make a big impact? In order to be changed in a way that is altering and sustaining, minor daily modification are required. Remember, it’s often little things that are overlooked when searching for a dramatic change.

These suggestions may seem simplistic in words, but moving the words into action is no small task. However, perseverance will make the ordinary become extraordinary. Your change affects others and turns into shared ownership that positively impacts everyone around you. Encouraging them to be the change too.

Be The Change challenges each and every one of you, whether you are in healthcare or not, to start today on your individual path to Be The Change. Feel free to share your story with me at

At the close of every Be The Change presentation, I say, “One nurse, one doctor, one person leads by example affecting others and is the change”.

Be The Change, you might be the one!

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