Friday, September 2, 2011

Be a hero, be a donor!

Barely thirteen years old, giving a thumbs up in the recovery room, was my son Michael. Just minutes before, he received a gift unlike any other. A healthy kidney donated to him by his “Auntie Mar.” Cemented in memory isn’t only the view of Michael and his raised thumb. It’s also the selfless acts by several who chose to make a difference.

There was standing room only at the University of Minnesota’s surgical waiting room that hopeful day in August 2004. Chairs and couches filled to capacity physically, emotionally and spiritually by family and friends. Each one waiting for the kidney transplant to be done, to hear it was successful and that finally kidney dialysis would be over.

Michael and many warriors fought hard to get to transplant day. Gallantly they shared in failure and success, all which led them to the perfect scenario. Each one anointed with divine purpose in appointed roles important to the process. Two postponed surgical dates and a near death dialysis experience complicated the way but steeled our resolve. Ultimately, one aunt made room for the other, both willing to be kidney donors, both heroes. One enduring the process of donor elimination as the other became Michael’s donor perfect match.

August 30, 2004 was definitely a thumbs-up day. We got the news we anxiously waited to hear. The kidney transplant was a complete success. Seven years later, job well done still echoes in the spirit of the gifts exchanged. Not only on that special day but in the days that preceded and followed. Heroic examples of ordinary people willing to Be The Change in extraordinary ways that gave all of us a gift.

According to Life Source, a non-profit organization located in St Paul Minnesota, nearly 109,000 people are waiting for organ donation and the number grows each day. Registering to be a donor is easy and can be done right now, online. Your decision to be a donor can potentially save up to sixty lives. You can give a gift.

Leave a legacy similar to Michael and his two aunts. You can be the hero someone is waiting for. You can Be The Change!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about organ donation.

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