Saturday, February 9, 2013

All you need is love

A popular Beatles song suggests, "All you need is love, love, love is all you need." Many have debated these words and wondered if they are true. Is love really all we need? Can problems be solved by the profound impact of love? I honestly think so.

Love is typically viewed as something heart-shaped and sweet; similar to "a box of chocolates." It’s an element of love that feels whimsical, passionate and exciting as the spoken words “I love you” leaves an imprint on your heart.

Another component to love is in the love that’s experienced. It’s expressed in actions and goes beyond spoken words. A production of I love you lyrics that becomes a melody of demonstrated words and defines love more completely.

There's also a special kind of love that’s developed in relationships containing the broken fragments of quiet grief, relentless suffering and painful changes.  That love journey becomes a reservoir of tangible and unconditional love unlike any other, which not only sparks at the beginning, but sustains during the bitter middle and ends in a resilient stride.

Loves impact is not exclusive to our personal lives but must also play a role in our professional lives as well. Consider the ease in corporate interaction when solely motivated by love. This may sound idealistic, but it’s certainly possible. Not only when the decision to stand on love is easy, but when the going gets tough with a risk of standing alone.

Love has the power to push fear aside. Love draws new dreams that are etched with hope. Love calms the unknown. Love speaks words inside the heart that become our responsibility to illustrate on the outside through acts of excellence. Love serves as an inspiration to others.

My daughter says, "We love, love". It’s true. We do. From the sappiest of engagement story to the extraordinary medical miracle, we believe love never fails.

Be The Change! Love, love with us this Valentine’s Day.
All you need is love…and a box of chocolates.

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