Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, what next?

Monday morning my email inbox was filled with “Cyber Monday” advertisements enticing me to check out the great deals. I was reluctant especially since I never even finished looking at the huge stack of “Black Friday” sale ads last Thursday. I felt overwhelmed by each ad claiming to have the lowest prices ever. Really people, the lowest prices ever?

Regardless, Monday morning I just couldn’t resist the ease everyone claims is available by shopping online. I will admit that I did find a few nice things for a great Cyber Monday price but it took me all morning to browse through the multiple sites. I had a couple items in my shopping cart but ended up making zero purchases. I found it difficult to make a purchase without a tangible view. That shopping experience got me behind schedule in my work and a stiff neck. I fail to see the good value in all that, but of course that’s just me!

I am the kind of person that misses hotel keys, buttons marked on/off and pen on paper. I’m not even on Facebook yet. I prefer the kind of friends you invite over for dinner or meet for coffee. I like the convenience of computers and other technologies but only when they work properly. To be completely honest, I still feel as if my cell phone should only be used in the case of emergencies.

My online shopping attempt did give me some time to think while waiting for computer screens to change. What if the same focus and energy was put towards health care improvements? Imagine the endless possibilities for the patient, family and provider initiative with a Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing budget available for enhancing health care relationships. We could call it Be the Change Everyday. No sales gimmicks, no need to stand in line or even make a minimum purchase. Just dependable advertising, defining simple and specific ways we can Be the Change everyday. Impacting the way health care is received and delivered everyday, making it the best deal ever.

Whether you prefer the convenience of shopping online, ad strategies or even getting up at midnight to be the first in line, have the same zeal for your everyday relationships. Quality personal, professional and health care relationships create a unique value. The investment will surely provide a return unlike any other, even in this economy. This holiday season Be the Change Everyday, even if you don’t see it advertised.

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