Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What a great Godmother

I can remember back when I was little, how she came to the Christmas parties held for my Mom’s side of the family, with the most beautifully wrapped gifts I ever saw. The paper perfectly matching the giant bow, exquisitely tied with her creative hands. One year she gave me a golden colored jewelry box that I honestly thought was made of real gold. Each time we met she would proudly announce my name in a way that made me feel special. From my view,
she was the one who was special.

I’m referring to my Godmother Maxine. She went to heaven last week following a courageous seven year battle with cancer. Giving every kind of treatment a try, she definitely fought like a true warrior. When her body began to fail, it was her spirit that remained strong. While visiting her a few months ago, I commented about the beautiful perfume bottles in her bathroom and the memories I had as a young girl admiring the bottles she had then. Each one unique and beautifully displayed on a glass tray placed upon her bathroom counter, just waiting for use. Back then, I thought she was like Zsa-Zsa Gabor simply because she had so many elegant perfume bottles. I realize I still might think that, only because I know Aunt Maxine really is a super star.

Many women have influenced my life journey, my Mother, number one. Without a doubt, my Godmother is next on the list. Aunt Maxine was amazing; a great mother as well as a successful business woman. Her classy style, flair for fashion, plus many other talents, have left a permanent mark on me. They consistently demonstrated unlimited possibilities to a young farm girl like me. I’m extremely grateful for a loving relationship with a woman beautiful inside and out.

As my own cancer treatment became a fading memory, hers unfortunately increased. We discussed our human life experiences inside dreadful medical experiences and the need for improvements regarding the quality of health care. Now that Be the Change has moved from kitchen table discussion to action, Aunt Maxine and others like her will be the motivation in pressing forward. Advocating for the patient and family perspective to be fully represented in future health care relationships. Leading us to the day when a human experience will be as radical as the medical one.

From now on, I plan on wearing more fun jewelry and using beautiful perfume bottles in honor of my Godmother. Her spirit remains, helping identify ways to Be the Change.

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