Thursday, February 16, 2012

You won a trip

The caller said, "Is this Theresa Zimanske?" Hesitantly I replied, "Yes". The caller quickly announced, "You have won a trip to San Diego, compliments of Fox 9 Morning News." Silence; I didn’t know what to say.

I glanced at the front door unsure of what to expect next. Was there a group of people by the door with a balloon bouquet in hand? No-one was at the door. The caller persisted and ended my shocked silence when she said, "You do remember entering the contest, right?

Then my more typical chatter shifted into gear as I explained to the Fox 9 news marketing coordinator, that this type of thing never happens to us. We never win contests, especially something like this. She hears that often was her reply and I sensed a smile in her response.

Suspiciously, I waited for the stipulations and hidden costs to become a part of our discussion. But with every one of her answers to my questions, the suspicion was lessened. She assured me the prize included flight, hotel and rental car at no cost to us. I won a trip! Non-stop air travel to San Diego, CA. Five glorious days at a hotel resort on Mission Bay. What a huge blessing.

Recovery from illness and grief is a silent battle often fought while most others are unaware. A trip, whether long or short is a saving grace that provides the necessary respite for a weary soul. Sometimes I’m asked to suggest ways one can push through the kind of grief piled on by the loss of a child. I admit there’s no easy answer, but in my opinion, going on a trip is one answer to that complex question.

A trip, even for a day or two, gives me the opportunity to rest and ease my burdens in a remote, more relaxed environment. It calms the sea of accumulating emotions in a neutral safe zone. Lends ample time to read, write or have delicate conversation about confusing issues, unraveling their complexities.

Once home, I find myself more confident, ready to move forward again, and back into whatever waited that now needs attack. By no means do I leave it all behind. That's far from the truth. But a change of location complete with the rest and fun vacation provides, gives me a renewed perspective over the various things I war against. Loneliness, discouragement, and grief fatigue are a few, which dissipate on a sunny beach or an afternoon boat ride.

Whatever your burden is, seek what gives you rest. Whether your fight is illness, injury, loss of a loved one or other, consider taking a trip. Even a one day, coupon inspired excursion, away from daily ups and downs can offer a fresh and renewed approach.

Who knows, maybe you too will experience an unexpected call from someone who’s about to Be The Change when she says, "You won a trip!"


  1. How AWESOME!!!! Couldn't have landed in better hands :)