Sunday, March 11, 2012

March...In and Out

As the saying goes, March roars in like a lion… and goes out like a lamb so dear. These popular Lori Hill words are especially true for me.

Among the typical March occurrences like the return of the Robins, warm outdoor temperatures, and disappearing snow is the anticipation of my son Michael’s heaven day. A term we fondly use, which marks the day Michael left our Lakeville home to his eternal home in heaven.

Michael’s heaven day has occurred seven years and similar to the March saying, it comes in roaring like a lion and gracefully leaves softly, like a lamb. The anticipation of the day always seems to disturb its loving contents.

Preparing for the arrival of the date jogs all sorts of memories. A wider view makes me realize I’m not alone in this kind of solemn space. There are others who anticipate March in this way. Our friend Darby has a March heaven day. He rests with several who have this kind of March day and other family’s who might be familiar with the roar.

Just like spring, there is no plausible way to stop it or the flip of the calendar from February to March. In my spring excitement are the sleepless nights and loneliness so concrete it’s almost touchable. But when I press in and look beyond my circumstance, Michael’s spirit flows. I can recall the memories of a happy boy full of life; his charm, his smile, and the fun, which defined him. Not just in my thoughts but he is revealed through others in the stories they share, their smiles and joy in a life with Michael and now a continuance with us who remain.

I was reminded of that very thing at an organ donor follow up I attended recently with my sister Marilyn. The appointment coordinator asked us several questions about the circumstances that led up to this organ donation. She wanted to hear our story. I saw love in my sister’s smile and heard love in the words she spoke about Michael and her decision to be his kidney donor. What a gift!

Michael’s spirit lives in those who love him. People continue to know Michael through us. We honor his life, our love for him and the Creator, in the way we live our life. That is true for each one of us.

This spring, March 2012, we once again celebrate the life of Michael Zimanske. He roared like a lion, he left like a lamb and created a legacy called Be The Change!


  1. Lovely tribute and reminder, Theresa.
    We Believe.
    The Koesters family

  2. Michael también está en mi corazón porque Yo sé que él está cuidando de Airam. Un beso de cariño y Luz.

  3. Very well said. You are so gifted and we are lucky to know you!