Monday, May 10, 2010

National Nurses Week

In light of National Nurses week May 6-12, 2010 I want to encourage everyone to thank all the nurses you encounter this week. Thank them for choosing to be a nurse; devoting a part of their life to service in all aspects of health care. I think all of us should take a moment to really consider what it would be like to walk a mile in their shoes. Honestly, a good practice to exercise in many areas of our life.

As I talked to a group of graduating nurses at a local community college last Friday, I was struck by the fact that these young women and men sitting in front of me are the future of nursing. They could very well be a nurse that might care for me or one of my family members sometime in the future. My commitment to sharing the patient and family story and the importance of talking about our health care experiences was strengthened by their questions and supportive comments.

Having now experienced for themselves some “Michael Moments” I have faith that it will leave a lasting impression on them and that our real life stories including my insights about partnered relationships in nursing, will allow them to become part of what we refer to as Be the Change. My talk with those energetic graduating nursing students ended on Friday with a statement that I truly believe, “One nurse leads by example affecting others and is the change, I hope it is you”.

Thank you Nurses in all of your roles as we honor you and observe National Nurses week.

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