Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sometimes it is hard

Someone asked me the other day if it is hard for me to talk about and share our health care experiences. That question gave me a chance to really think about Be the Change and ask my self; Can there be value in taking a walk back into traumatic parts of our lives. Recalling experiences that, for most people would need to be quietly tucked away somewhere, only to surface by chance.

Since I believe the efforts of Be the Change should always come from a humble place centered in truth I will admit there are times when I prepare for a presentation I will find myself gripped by the emotion of that particular experience. However, I am quickly reminded that whatever feelings I am having won’t ever match Michael’s suffering. That thought alone renews my conviction and makes me want to press on. His short life accomplished so many big things one of which is how he challenged people especially those in the medical environment, to be better and to want to do better, just because they knew him or about him. Truly that is the force behind Be the Change.

Sharing about Michael and our story through Be the Change presentations will give the medical community an opportunity to hear about real life health care experiences and how they impact patients and families real lives. Sharing our experiences will reshape and strengthen the relationships that currently exist between patients, their families and health care providers simply by putting a face to the whole experience. This will not only make us be better by reclaiming the human experience, but challenge all of us to do better, increasing the quality of care in the medical experience as well.

So yes sometimes it is hard however, speaking the truth and changing the way things are done might be hard at times but it will be worth it in the long run. Be the Change and I are in it for the long run, until the day I see Michael again.

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  1. Love this last line: "Be the Change and I are in it for the long run, until the day I see Michael again." We're all behind you until that day, as well.