Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is Be the Change

Be the change is a passion and vision that gives each of us a unique opportunity to improve health care by strengthening relationships between patient, family and provider through sharing personal medical experiences and allowing those experiences to make an impact. Real life stories can serve as a reminder to the health care community of the powerful influence they have in the decisions and choices they make. Not only on the patient and the family but other health care staff as well.

Be the Change wants to impress upon you the importance of not just the medical experience that your patients have but the human experience that surrounds it. Both are equally important to effectively care for any patient and their family. For example, good clinical nursing skills are of the utmost importance but so are compassionate relationship skills. Our personal experiences I share in Be the Change presentations definitely demonstrate that.

We all want the same things in health care with safety and quality care at the top of the list. By shedding some light on a couple of issues we encountered in our personal health care experiences, some good and some not so good, we can develop a stronger and more effective partnership between patients, families and health care providers. These strengthened relationships and partnerships will bridge the gap that sometimes exists automatically increasing the quality of care both received and delivered everyday.

Be the Change is about giving a real face and a real voice to the importance of relationships and partnerships. At one time or another we have all heard someone say “something has to change in health care”. Well I believe that we can be the change by sharing our personal medical experiences and you can be the change by allowing it to impact you. Remembering just a few things shared in a Be the Change presentation will definitely change many things.

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