Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heard it's your birthday.....

Birthdays are fascinating. A day set apart from the ordinary day to celebrate with family, friends and even a waiter named Jim. As the number of candles on the birthday cake increase, so does the perplexing wonder of how it's possible for minutes to turn so quickly into years

The statement, “where has the time gone,” is cliché at best, yet enormously truthful. As a teenager I remember thinking time was plentiful, sometimes even ticking by at a slow pace depending on the event ahead. Joining a new club this month, I’m especially aware of the rapid speed of time in more life lived behind me than what might possibly lie ahead. Despite the awareness, it’s still of very little concern to me.

My age has never been an issue for me. In fact, most of the time my husband remembers my age before I am able to recount the exact number. I believe how you feel on the inside and conduct your life on the outside doesn’t have to match your real age, giving minimal value to the number.

What I do value is the countless number of outrageous blessings in those years. Some of mine are; growing up in a simple farm home abundant with life lessons that resonate in my current life. Parents I admire and seven siblings I can’t imagine life without. Friends from high school turned into a marriage graced by two amazing children, making a family. A circle of life completed by trusted friends and devoted extended family loving me no matter what. It’s a plethora of blessings that brings me to my knees in humble awe.

It’s only fair to say, there has been disappointments, sad days, even a few “why me,” but they have been matched by miracles that lack worldly description and healing found only in the divine.

It’s true, it was my birthday and now I’m 50 years old! Probably won't forget how old I am this year, unless I hear the song “Dancing Queen.” Then age becomes irrelevant and with arms crisscrossing in the air, we give any day reason to celebrate.

So for the next three hundred sixty four days until my next birthday, Be The Change!

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  1. I feel EXACTLY the same way! I'll be joining the club in October so, to you my friend, I say Wahoo!!!