Friday, May 6, 2011

What do you call your Mother?

Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mum, maybe even Mumz. Whatever your term of endearment for that woman who loves you more profoundly than any Hallmark card can describe, make it special. Consider the fact there is no other relationship like mother and child. It’s a gift sealed in more than DNA, divinely created by one of the other.

My relationship with my one and only dramatically shifted when I was nineteen. As my Mom battled cancer, I began to comprehend and appreciate her role in my life in a renewed way. She died when I was barely twenty seven and now, I’m close to living more of my life without her than with her.

There isn’t a day I’m not reminded of my Mom’s gentle way and the powerful impressions they left. I recall the extreme gratitude in her thank you. I remember her small hands washing clothes, ironing or at the sewing machine. Her prideful face as she canned fresh vegetables out of her garden. The smile she gave requesting a little 7-up on special occasions and the rhythmic way she would follow my Dad on the dance floor.

My Mom was self-less, hard working, faithful and always, always kind. She molded my thoughts and instilled values in me that are permanent threads woven into my non-tangible quilt. She showed me what real faith is and that it is possible to endure. Her spirit simplified the complicated aspects of unconditional love, all of which expanded our relationship beyond typical boundaries.

My Mom’s commitment to family speaks in the shadows of Be The Change. This blog entry is dedicated to my Mom and the others whose home isn’t allowing cards or phone calls. In honor of them this Mothers Day weekend, call your one and only her special name. Have a conversation between two hearts only the two of you know the words.

It becomes a story, which lasts forever. Might even Be The Change.

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  1. mother she's like an idol, she took care of me right from time, there is nobody i can use 2 compare my mother she make me 2 realize who i am, in fact shes a lover...mother you are wonderful extremely great.

    by: Idris Olanrewaju Yusuf
    a.k.a slim adroit young