Friday, May 20, 2011

Change, change, and more change

Three days of clear blue skies and temperatures above fifty degrees, hopefully makes it safe to say spring is here. It seemed like a very long wait this year.

Spring has a way of ushering in change. The season changes the look of trees, grass and plants into something new from the unsightly picture of dormancy. It holds graduations, college to home re-locations and summer activities, which can change disciplined polished routines into drive-thru dinners and later than usual bedtimes.

Change is a constant part of life whether we like it or not. Anything from simple changes found in the monthly turn of the calendar to the more complex like life altering changes due to illness. Each offering an opportunity to redefine priorities based on a broad spectrum of minor to major changes involved with every changed season.

Another drastic change is with social media like Facebook, which is a change that didn’t come easy for me. My first communication language is verbal words. suggests we can even use social media to choose a doctor. Now that’s a change! It's fair to say, doing necessary research in the comfort of your home does lend an ease to fact finding tasks and allows the required time to make critical decisions in a relaxed environment.

Permitting change to make you or your circumstances better than the day before directs hope to cover anxiety that sometimes exits because of change. Whether it's a new month on the calendar, a changing season, or a health concern that leads to social media for answers.

Change can be good, lending a fresh perspective to change our view; for instance the look of yellow daffodils blooming in the middle of a concrete jungle. The odd occurrence helps you realize change makes other things possible.

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